Reuse for Seattle cafés

Transitioning away from single-use cups and containers is good for business.

Reuse offers big benefits for cafés!

By switching from single-use cups and containers to reusable options, your café can…

Save money with dine-in dishware

A one-time initial investment in durable plates, cups, and silverware at your café can result in significant cost savings over time by protecting your business against rising costs for single-use products and reducing the volume of your day-to-day disposal.

Reduce waste with bring-your-own

Public Health code now allows cafés to pour beverages into customer-provided cups. Making it easy for customers to bring their own cup makes it easy for them to make your café a regular and sustainable part of their day.

Simplify with reusables to go

A vendor provides reusables cups or other packaging with different payment models for customers, including apps with QR codes, apps with subscription, or up-front deposits. Cup washing can happen at the café or through an offsite service to make offering reusables easy.


The following vendors provide reusable cups and other packaging products to the café sector.

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