Reuse at Seattle Events

Join the growing list of events in Seattle that are launching reuse systems!

Reuse is an easy switch for events!

Events offer a suitable space to implement closed-loop reuse systems.

How does it work?

Reuse Seattle helps event organizers incorporate reuse systems at Seattle events for a waste-free future. Prior to the event, event organizers will confirm which vendors will participate in the reuse system and staff will be trained on how to keep the system operating properly. During the event, customers will purchase food and/or drinks from vendors in the provided reusables and return them at dish return stations before leaving. After the event, the dirty dishes are then picked up, sent to a wash hub for cleaning and sanitization, and made ready for reuse at the next event.

Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) is supporting a reuse incentive where event organizers can choose between two options: a reusable cup service or a reusable dishware pilot. To launch the reusable cup service, event organizers must choose a reusable cup service provider to partner with, and SPU will cover up to $500 of that service. To launch a dishware pilot program, SPU has an inventory of reusable dishware (including plates, utensils, trays, etc.) that event organizers and vendors can rent. To learn more about this incentive, please fill out the Reuse Incentive Site Visit Request Form.

Interested in having reuse at your event?

Get $500 to launch reuse at your event in Seattle!

Reuse Seattle has launched a new incentive program funded by Seattle Public Utilities and the Office of Economic Development. Through this program, Reuse Seattle can directly purchase up to $500 in reuse services for your event.

Reuse-supported events have already launched in Seattle!

Multiple events in Seattle have already successfully launched with reusables. In  partnership with Bold Reuse and r.World, Reuse Seattle has helped divert thousands of single-use cups from the landfill at over 10 events since 2022.

Reuse offers big benefits for events!

By switching from single-use cups and containers to reusable options, your event can…

Save money with reusable dishware

A one-time initial investment in durable plates, cups, silverware, or other packaging for your event can result in significant cost savings over time by protecting your event against rising costs for single-use products and reudcing the volume of your day-to-day disposal.

Reduce waste from single-use

By implementing durable dishware at your event, you can drastically reduce waste generated from single-use packaging, save water, and reduce carbon emissions.

Build brand loyalty

Consumers demand sustainable options to enjoy their favorite eateries. Implementing reusable foodware at your event can build brand loyalty by showing customers that your events work to protect the environment.


The following vendors provide reusable cups and other packaging products for events.

BOLD Reuse