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Who can register?
When can I register?
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How will my information be used?

All private or non-profit reusable service providers with at least 1 active site in the Seattle metropolitan area who are interested in providing reusable food ware services.

Entities must replace single-use (disposable) food ware generated in Seattle with reusable food ware solutions.

Entities that recycle waste materials into new materials, products, or compost do not qualify. Entities that are purely selling reusable food ware to businesses for resale do not qualify.

Our Reuse Seattle partner, PR3, is in the process of developing the global reusable systems standards. All registered companies must review these standards to understand Reuse Seattle’s vision to eventually have a standardized reusable food service ware system in the city.

As soon as you are providing your reusable service to at least 1 active site in Seattle! We are looking for service providers who are established in the city and are ready to partner with businesses immediately.

By registering, your company will show up on our website as one of the many reusable service options in Seattle. We will refer interested food service businesses or other food-serving sites, such as corporate cafeterias and stadiums, to the Reusable Service Providers section of our website so they can learn about the various providers and make an informed decision. Seattle Public Utilities may or may not use the registration list to communicate and coordinate future business and grant opportunities. This registration in itself, however, is not tied to any grant programs.

We will use some of the information you provide to help food service businesses learn about the products you offer through our directory of Service Providers.

Want to register?

Once you provide a reusable service to 1 active site in Seattle, email us at to register!